Video Running Gait Analysis

What is a Video Running Gait Analysis?

During one of your therapy sessions, your therapist will take a video recording of you, while you run, in order to analyze your running gait. The video is broken down in slow motion and an assessment of how your joints move while running is conducted in a frame by frame fashion.The use of this video recording, along with a neurophysiological exam and your therapist’s clinical assessment, will provide a comprehensive look at your running and stride mechanics.

Why should you do a gait analysis?

Every individual is different, which means their running style is also unique. An individualized running assessment can highlight what your specific deficits and asymmetries may be in order to form a customized training program. A running analysis can be beneficial for many reasons. It can provide insight on how to decrease stress on injured body structures; It can provide insight  on asymmetries which may lead to an inefficient gait pattern; It can let you know your risk of
developing injuries and how to prevent these injuries in the future; It can help you reach your running goals.


What are common atypical running patterns?

What type of runners would benefit from a running analysis?

What Happens Next?

Your therapist will use the information from your running analysis to identify problems including decreased flexibility, decreased strength, improper foot strike and load dispersion, and cadence. You may fall into one or more of the described running patterns above. This information will allow for the introduction of new exercises and interventions to help improve form and efficiency, as well as, decrease potential risk of injury. Your individualized program may include proper dynamic warm up, a shoe recommendation, and cadence training.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in a video gait analysis, feel free to contact us at any time!

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