Muscle & Joint Physical Therapy

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The Muscle & Joint Physical Therapy approach

We are an independent physical therapy clinic in Lakeview, Chicago focused on orthopedic, spine, and sports therapy.


We find out WHAT is causing your pain and WHY then ensure you understand this to start the recovery process.


We give support, confidence, and hope for a pain-free life then motivate you to achieve it.


We use evidence-based, highly skilled interventions to alleviate pain and restore function. We offer safe and effective treatments without the use of drugs or surgery.


We give you the tools needed to take control of your health and prevent future physical pain or injury when returning to the things you love and care about.

How can Our Physical Therapists help?

Head / Face / Jaw Therapy

Neck Therapy

Upper Back Therapy

Lower Back Therapy

Shoulder Therapy

Arm Therapy

Elbow Therapy

Wrist / Hand Therapy

Hip / Pelvic Therapy

Leg Therapy

Knee Therapy

Ankle / Foot Therapy

Why Choose MJPT?

We specialize in conditions of the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, and foot & ankle. Simply put, we alleviate muscle and joint pain to improve function.


Our physical therapists have completed the highest level of post-graduate continued education and hold advanced certifications that few others in the profession have achieved. We believe in lifelong learning for continuous improvement.


We are extremely proud of our spacious Chicago physical therapy facility and the ability it provides us to deliver the best care. Our goal was to blend a convenient location with state-of-the-art equipment and a distinctive design.


We maintain strong professional relationships with many of the top physicians in Chicago at some of the most prestigious medical institutions. We are in frequent communication with our referral sources and are able to connect you with the appropriate physicians if/when you need one.


We are an employee-owned, independent neighborhood practice. This means that all financial & operational decisions are made at the clinic level.

What Our Patients Say about our Chicago physical therapy

We accept most health insurance Care plans including

We believe in affordable physical therapy for all.

If you do not have health insurance please reach out to us for inquiries regarding private pay rates and payment plans. Reach out to us to schedule a physical therapy appointment.  We also specialize in sports medicine, sports physical therapy and outpatient physical therapy. 

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