Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation


It is very stressful for anyone to overcome the thought of undergoing surgery at any age! We are here for you!! Do you know that physical therapy can motivate better recovery when obtained before surgery?? It has shown to have positive outcome to your ability to recover more quickly and completely.

It is important to be healthy, strong and mobile before surgery through exercise programs designed just for you by your physical therapist. It is advised to engage in exercises before your joint reconstructive surgeries. This prepares the joint to withstand the operation itself.

OUR Pre-operative rehabilitation will:


Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

The success of a surgery may depend on the physical therapy obtained for speedy recovery and healing for any joint like of hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, hand, neck, foot, and spine.

Physical therapy is always indicated after surgery, may it be immediately or after a period of immobilization that helps regain the normal motion, strength, and functional levels. The body requires retraining to regain its normal functioning and minimize adverse effects such as pain, swelling, and abnormal compensated movements.

There are phases of rehabilitation beginning immediately after surgery with a stage of immobilization followed by acute phase of exercises taking into consideration the temporarily contraindicated movements to restore range of motion, stability, and strength. 

Types of treatment exercise include: