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Have you ever wondered why your golf game has hit a plateau or are you unable to move your body in a manner that would improve your swing and golf mechanics? It may be due to a physical limitation. By working with a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified physical therapist, we can use a certified, evidence based program to help you improve your golf game and functional mobility.

The TPI is the world’s leading organization dedicated to the study of the human body as it relates to the golf swing. The TPI has gathered endless amounts of data in order to discover how to most efficiently swing a golf club. Furthermore, it has studied how physical limitations can affect a person’s swing and potentially lead to injury. 

The TPI uses a 16 point physical screen assessment that looks at posture, strength, mobility, and functional movement patterns in order to assess what limitations may be impeding your golf game. The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because every golfer is different. How to most efficiently swing a golf club is unique to each individual person. This screen involves an assessment of biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current
health and a history in order to discover what your most efficient swing looks like.

Once the screen is finished, the results are used in conjunction with a physical examination, provided by your therapist, to create a treatment plan unique to your body and swing mechanics. The plan may include strengthening, improved joint mobility, postural correction, and/or fitness training.

Finally, it is important to note that a TPI certified therapist is not a swing coach. Our therapists  analyze your body’s abilities and limitations as it relates to your golf swing. Through this method, we can then help adjust or decrease these limitations from a biomechanical perspective. A golf pro is more qualified to answer questions related to the technique of swing.

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